Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cousin Camp: Day 2

Cousin Camp Day 2 kicked off with Granny's yummy oatmeal pancakes in "bug" shapes embellished with blueberries and strawberries. I put "bug" in scare quotes because our attempts at shapes required a lot of imagination on the eater's part. The batter is just too thick to come out through a squeeze bottle, so it was just a matter of pouring it into a shape. I thought my butterfly was somewhat recognizable as such (if you knew what it was supposed to be), but I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Jimmie is responsible for the caterpillar.


After the buggy breakfast, Aunt Jana read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the kids, they did a bug adventure hunt and brought a grasshopper in to analyze under the microscope, made butterfly marble paintings, and read about bugs with Uncle Jimmie.

After some waterplay outside, the kids were ready to lay down for a while, and they watched Diary of a Worm (or Diarrhea of a Worm, as Will called it!) and ate Worm & Dirt Pudding. Will ate the gummy worm but wouldn't touch the pudding. Ella enjoyed it for both of them and kept trying to get at Aubrey's too, but we protected it so Aubrey could have hers after her nap.


The kids enjoyed Granny & Papa's tiny kiddy pool more in the afternoon, as well as fighting over who got to sit in Papa's nice new captain's chair. The babies got some quality time with Granny.  And the older kids enjoyed some grape caterpillars.


Aside from the bloody eyes (thanks to Jana, who was cheap and brought squirt icing she already had open, which happened to be red), I thought these came out pretty cute, and fairly similar to the one we pinned on Pinterest. Will & Ella inhaled these--I think we used at least a pound of grapes, and they ate them all!


Uncle Jimmie took the older kids to pick some veggies from the garden. We decided they are still a few years away from being good farmhands. We realized that we forgot to do the traditional weigh-and-measure on the door, so we got that done and then decided we better get the official Cousin Camp group picture taken before the lack of sleep started catching up to everyone, so we changed them into their newly minted Cousin Camp shirts. Getting them to stay still for the pic was very like herding cats, but we got some OK ones with everybody at least in the frame.


Jimmie, Jana, and I worked on cutting up and frying tons of okra to have for supper along with our "worms and bug burgers" (hamburgers and hotdogs). It was good, but somehow we ended with a whole cookie sheet left over!


We had homemade "fly ice cream" (mini chocolate chips) for dessert. Will loved it so much he couldn't wait for a spoon. When it got dark, we gave the kids fireflies to play with--another Pinterest idea. We decorated emptied Mountain Dew bottles with wings & antenna and put glow sticks inside. They turned out pretty cute, and the kids had a good time with them. Aubrey loved hers so much she slept with it!

They had a good day of lots of fun without too many meltdowns, although I do recall that I was getting very close because I couldn't get Will or Soren to settle down and go to sleep!

Link to Day 1 and Day 3 .

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