Friday, August 3, 2012

Cousin Camp: Day One

Last week, we held our second annual Cousin Camp Next Generation: Jim Weaver Edition. Our theme was "A Very Buggy Cousin Camp." There was some fighting, lots of screaming, some crying, occasional meltdowns, but lots of fun and excitement and good cousin-time as well. On the whole, it went very well considering the kids were all doing their level best to get as little sleep as their little bodies would allow.

Jana and I had fun pinteresting ideas for our bug theme, and most of our little projects came out well (probably because we left off the ones that were more work intensive as we got further into the weekend).

On Friday, we started with a dinner of Bugs & Worms (spaghetti), heard from Aunt Jana about the rules of the weekend, and set the kids up with butterfly nets and bug boxes Papa made them based on "vintage" bug boxes that Papa Weaver made us for Cousin Camp original (not sure what year, but one of the early ones--'86 maybe?). I missed getting a picture of the bug boxes there--I will have to take a picture from home and post it. They are really cute!


After a lawn-mower ride to check out Papa's gardens (special focus on the little pumpkin plants sprouting--hopefully Papa will have some for the kids to pick come October/November!), the kids did their talent show. Will did somersaults (in the nude) while Soren walked and was adorable. Ella and Aubrey danced to "Flight of the Bumblebees"--they were so cute! Ella handpainted her shirt herself and did an excellent job and both had precious tutus. Will loved the girls' act, and when they finished, Aunt Rachel let him wear Aubrey's tutu and he got in on the spinning action. We decided that Will has an especially high tolerance for dizziness--why am I not surprised?

The (mama) adults spent the next several hours mostly fruitlessly trying to get the kids to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but none of them were having it when there were cousins and fun to be had. I think Will and Soren finally gave it up around 11:15 after I got very grouchy at them. Thus ended the first day.

Link to Day 2 and Day 3.

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