Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cousin Camp: Day Three

On Sunday, the crew was noticeably more grumpy, and we had some squabbles before breakfast even started. In fact, I elected to send Will on to church early with Papa to keep him and Ella separated. After church and a yummy lunch, we got to work on the kids' pillowcases. We'd planned to do hand- and footprint art with fabric paint on a pillowcase (made by me!) for each of them to leave at Granny & Papa's house. It was much harder than planned, and Ella had 3 print "bugs," Will had 2, and the babies only got one a piece. Poor Soren's pillowcase just has a bee handprint and not even his name or the year! It wasn't exactly "youngest child syndrome" so much as I had no one to help me take care of my kids since Bil didn't go to Cousin Camp.


After the pillowcase art was finished, we got the kids dressed back in their Cousin Camp shirts so we could go visit Great-Granny Weaver in the nursing home. Notice Soren's onesie in the pictures above--the letters started falling off almost as soon as we put them on, and at this point, there had been massive loss.* The state of his shirt is a good reflection of the state of the kids' attitudes at this juncture in Cousin Camp 2012. Fallen apart and getting worse by the minute.


We loaded up everyone in the million-degree heat and went to see Great-Granny Weaver. Poor little Aubrey fell asleep in the car and was so zonked she slept through the entire thing! I sure wish I had a heavy sleeper!! As you can tell from the pictures, everyone was pretty grumpy by this stage of the game--at least mine were--and then we said goodby to Ella and Aubrey, who left straight from the nursing home for home.

The rest of us went back home, packed up quickly, and I took off with the boys. They both konked out by the time we hit Plato Road, I think, and then slept soundly till we got home. Will woke up and was very sweet and happy to see his Daddy. I was afraid he'd be up till 11 since he'd had such a good nap, but--testament to how exhausted he was--he fell asleep about an hour after he got home!

So lots of fun times and no major catastrophes for CC 2012.We are thankful to Granny and Papa for hosting us and to Granny for taking care of all the food supplies and cooking and to Aunt Jana for planning crafts and activities.

*I don't know for sure, but I suspect what happened with Soren's shirt is that I didn't prewash the onesie before we used it. Will's bugs and letters seem to have stuck without problem, but the girls' shirts had some loss (also not prewashed), and Soren's almost didn't stick at all.

Link to Day 1 and Day 2.

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