Friday, August 10, 2012

More Tiny Blazers!


I ordered fabric to make fall versions of the Melly Sews Toddler Blazer for Soren & Will. Matching, of course, because I want to give them plenty to talk to their therapists about someday. I love the owl and brown corduroy combination. It looks just how I pictured it in my mind! Very fallish (and so very, very inappropriate for our current weather).

I decided to assembly-line these instead of making them individually. I think I was right that it went faster, but it was also sooooooo boring. I was really sick of working on these by the end, since I had to make everything 4 times because of the linings. Ugh.

Tiny Toddler Blazers! 3T and 18 mo

The only thing I did differently on these jackets from the first one were to add a welt pocket on Will's (sorry, Soren! If you're not big enough to use it, I'm not putting it on there!) and to conquer the buttonholer on my machine--I only put a snap on the spring one.

Thanks to Aunt Jana taking Will to the Science Museum without me last Friday, I was able to finish these up except for the buttons/holes, which I was able to do on Sunday (this time thanks to Granny Weaver, who kept Will over the weekend so he could go to VBS in Duncan).

I somehow managed to select dry-clean only buttons, but hopefully they'll hold up...

Melly Sews Toddler Blazer

Will was very displeased with me about something prior to this "photo shoot," and I only got him to agree to put on the jacket by refusing to put water in his kiddy pool till he did. Poor thing. More fodder for his therapy sessions. Also pictured is his purse, which he alternately calls his "lady purse" or his "pirate purse." It's a garage-sale purse I bought intending to use the leather to make Soren some soft-soled sandals, but Will absconded with it immediately. I asked him if it was his "man-bag" and that's when he corrected me that it was his "lady purse." Then he decided it was a pirate purse to store his "pirate stick" in (little pirate dagger someone gave him at the garage sales). Anyway, I can't blame him for the grumpiness with this awful heat!


  1. These are gorgeous! I love the owls peeking out of the pockets! You did a great job. :)

  2. Awesome...!!! Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

  3. I think they look amazing! I bought this same pattern for my little girl, but have not dug into it yet.