Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tiny Treasure Pocket Pants

Oooh,  a park, mom!

With the most of the Sewing for Boys sewalong patterns I've made having been only available in larger sizes, I haven't done too much sewing for Soren. But back during the LTTP challenge, I saw someone make up a pair of shorts in the LTTP size 18 mo for their baby, and they were just adorable. I wanted to do it at the time and never have managed to get around to it, though I have had a thrifted linen dress earmarked for the project for hmmm......about 4 months now. So, I finally got around to it this weekend!

LTTPs a little too long for 10 months!
Yes, the only white shirt he has is a wife beater. Don't judge.

Although this pattern is really nicely explained (and not that hard anyway), I somehow managed to mess up nearly every other step, it seemed like. It was just one of those sewing projects that did not go smoothly. I did force myself to seam rip all my mistakes out, though, and it really did look nice up till I put the hem facings on. For some reason, mine were a good 1-2" shorter than my pants were, I was able to get things stretched out enough to attach it smoothly initially, but when I had to turn the facing up and edgestitch the inside, I ended up with a HUGE gather. Grrr.......Still not sure what I'll do. Maybe rip them both off and cut the facing to size like it calls for with the waistband? I didn't do the hems on Will's pair, so I don't know if this is a problem with all sizes, just the 18 mo, or if I traced incorrectly. I could also just cut them off and make them long shorts and then they might fit next summer too.....

Orange top stitching
Orange top-stitching all over!

Anyway, aside from that screw up, they really turned out adorably. It's hard to tell, but the linen is a dark brownish-green, and I really like how it turned out with the Michael Miller fabric that I had leftover from Will's Henry Shirt. So the fabric cost for this was about $1.99, I think, and I still have enough of the dress left to make a pair of shorts for Will or plain pants for Soren.

Plenty of room to sit 

The fit is obviously quite long (they had to be rolled twice). I think they are longer than RTW 18 mos. I guess if I was thinking, I would have measured and cut them so I would only have to roll them once right now, and then they could be unrolled later. The rise is only just long enough with his cloth-diapered booty. But he has a really long rise, so I'm not too surprised. They are nice and roomy, and he was able to walk and crawl around the playground with no restriction from them.

LTTPs roomy enough to pick up sticks with ease
Why what is this rare delicacy from the playground floor?

Too bad he uses his mouth instead of his pockets!
Too bad he only wants to store his treasures in his mouth instead of the pockets!

So excited to climb the steps himself.
He was very pleased with himself for climbing the steps himself.

Soren reminds me of my cousin Joe here.
I think he looks like Little Joe in this picture, for some reason.

Fun at the park
What a cutie!

Enjoying a stolen popsicle
Will was there too, with his ill-gotten gains. He made friends with a little girl who offered him a popsicle. After a few minutes, he appeared with two more. I'm not sure how he got the second two....

Too big for the baby swings


SorensLTTPs 115
It's hard to walk on an incline!

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