Sunday, October 14, 2012

Soren's One!: Part I

I can't believe how Soren's first year has flown by--so much faster than Will's. I'm not sure if it's because Soren was an easier baby or because there were two of them to keep me even busier!!

Just in time for his first birthday, Soren fell into the guest-bed frame, cutting himself above his eye and the inside of his mouth--poor baby! They also had pictures at school that week, so he's decorated in those as well. Will got scratched really badly on his face by another boy the same week as pictures too. I wonder what the photographer thought when he took their "sibling pictures" with both of their messed-up little faces!

 Soren's Birthday
The only halfway decent pic I got of him on his birthday. It was a super-busy, long day for me. Here you can see his injuries and the beginning of his gummy eyes.

On top of that, Soren also was fighting an eye infection and cutting 2 molars in addition to his bottom 4th tooth that had just finished cutting through a couple days before. Not much of a break from the miseries of babyhood for his birthday!

We did manage to have a really nice birthday celebration with just family, though. Bil picked a monster theme for him, and we sent out really cute themed invites. Sadly, beyond the cake and his monster shirt, the theme pretty much ended there, but that's OK--I'm sure Soren won't remember!

Soren's Birthday Shirt 2
Notice his little "1" shirt here--mama made, shirt & all. 

I was pretty worried about the cake for a while there. I waited till Saturday morning to start on it (no choice, really) and was having a migraine in addition to trying to keep Will from tearing the fondant up and licking it as I was decorating it. I tried marshmallow fondant this time (from this recipe), and liked it pretty well. I think it was slightly easier to make, and it did taste better. I didn't think it was going to get done, but it did.

Soren's Birthday
Here it is, warts and all (literally!). 

Soren's Birthday
The back looked so bad with fondant wrinkles that I added an unplanned tail to try and camouflage it! 

Soren's Birthday
It was nice to see him actually enjoy the cake and be able to get those fun "cake in the face" pictures, unlike Will!


Jimmie and Rachel were able to bring the girls down, and Will had a great time playing with Ella (and he wasn't too mean to Aubrey, so that's progress!). They played a long time in the back even though it was a very chilly 50-something-degrees that afternoon. We finally did shut down their play when I noticed they had turned on the water hose so they could "clean off" the porch. Then they spent almost an hour playing in the bathtub.

Soren's Birthday
Pontificating from the hearth.

Soren was a bit slow to warm up to everyone since he wasn't feeling too well, but his hammy side eventually came out, and he had a good time showing everyone how he could climb in his toy crate.

Soren's Birthday

For gifts, he received a pair of Robeeze winter boots from Mommy & Daddy, which he seems to love. He proudly wore them all around and will bring them to you to put on if he finds them in the floor. So cute! He got a musical toy from Aunt Jana & Uncle Brad that so far has been of more interest to Will, as well as some books that have been a hit with Will. Maybe when Soren gets a bit older. From Aunt Rachel & Uncle Jimmie, he got a wooden box of activity toys, which he has enjoyed throwing around quite a bit. He really enjoys the little stacking rings game, and has played with it quite a bit. He's impressively good at it! It's one of the kind that just has a small stick, not the big plastic ones, so it's a little more challenging. His grandparents gave him money, which we will probably put towards a new carseat for Daddy's car and put the rest in his savings account. One thing about being the second kid, there's not a lot he needs that we don't already have.




Check out Part II of the Soren's birthday for more pics.

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