Monday, October 15, 2012

Soren's One!: Part II

More pics from Soren's party and notes about our current bout of shared misery.

Soren's Birthday

Mr. One-Year Old
Mr. Cutie Pie before he covered himself in chocolate frosting.

Family Birthday Pics
Maybe if we could meld these together we could have one decent family picture.

Birthday Moments

Soren's 1st birthday cake
The monster cake.

After his party, we broke down and admitted he had an eye infection, which he got ointment for on Monday, then he started running a fever and being super-fussy later in the week, and I found out Wednesday that he had an ear infection. I had Fall Break Thurs-Fri and Granny & Papa Weaver were planning to take Will home with them Thursday evening to spend the weekend with them and Ella & Aubrey, with me driving down and picking him up later. However, on Thursday we went to the Science Museum and came home when I realized Will was feeling hot. His temp was over 102 by the time we got home, and after ANOTHER trip to the pediatricians Friday morning, he was pronounced to have a double  ear infection--had to outdo his brother, I guess! Poor kid has been on antibiotics more weeks the last two months than he's had off. The NP prescribed a different (very expensive) antibiotic this time, so I hope that it is able to get rid of the bug.

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