Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Halloween

Our futile attempts at getting pics of both boys in costume.

The boys had a good Halloween, despite being sick all around it.

The Wednesday before Halloween, we went to OKC First's Fall Festival. Aunt Jana accompanied us. I didn't know that Soren would enjoy it but figured Will would. They both ended up having a good time. Soren mostly got carried/worn around, but at the end, he wanted DOWN and was not very happy that he didn't get to do the bouncy house with brother. We ended up walking in from the parking lot with Lindy and her boys, and they were meeting up with John & Jeannette, so we spent the night hanging out with them--impromptu Duncan reunion!

Soren was sick pretty much the rest of the week, and I got sick as well, so Will just barely got to go to the big birthday bash Jeanne threw for Richelle's twins. I was sorry to miss it; Jana said it was quite the party (Dr. Seuss themed), and Will had a GREAT time. He's lucky he has an aunt who's willing to take care of him when his mama is too sick to go.

Thankfully I was back with the living by Monday, and then we were all well for Halloween. Will was Spiderman and Soren was a dragon. We tried out the seahorse costume that Granny got him for Christmas, but it was so top heavy and tail heavy that he was having trouble even walking and cried the whole time it was on! He didn't mind the dragon costume at all and even wore the hood up. He already enjoys dressing up just like his big brother!

My little dragon.

My little Spidey!

Since we've discovered no one much goes trick or treating in our neighborhood (in spite of the 50 million kids that live here), we decided to go to Jana and Brad's edition. It was a great decision. About half of the neighborhood was passing out candy and there are just a few streets in the neighborhood, so it was just the right size. Will was getting tired, and we ended up skipping one street. He got a great haul, though, and Soren is ready for next year when he'll be big enough to go to the door (he just sat in the stroller and waved from the sidewalk). 

First house
First house (Aunt Jana's)!

Hi, Aunt Jana!

"Aunt Jana!"
Soren just had to get down, and ran up to Aunt Jana with his hands outstretched. Awww, so cute!

"No, I want CANDY!"
I thought he wanted picked up--nope, he wanted a popcorn hand, too!

so proud of his loot!

Brotherly love
I was trying to get a pic of the two of them by the pumpkins. Will was pulling Soren back by his hood as he tried to run away. Ah, brotherly love!

Soren is ready to go

Will at the starting gate
At the starting gate!

Our jackolantern

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