Monday, December 17, 2012

Long Time, No Post

Whew, the past month and kind of got away from me there. This time of year is always so busy with the big holidays and the end of school. The last week of November through mid-December are right up there with the end of April/beginning of May for being the most stressful of the year for me.

To make things even more fun this year, we went to a conference in Boston (I gave a paper) so that we could see Rachel and get at least half of the trip paid for. It was nice to get see her and meet Zack, her boyfriend. We got to eat some yummy creations at Max Brenner and stay up late talking to Rachel (does 11 count as late to normal people? it does to me post-kids!). Will stayed with Granny & Papa, but Soren's not old enough to leave yet, so he went with us. He did very well on the flight, though he did a fair bit of crying when we were in Boston, and he had to stay with Daddy while I went conferencing. One morning after I left them and was waiting down the hall and around the corner, a woman commented, "Wow, that is one angry baby." I did not tell her it was my angry baby. LOL

After we got back from the trip, we had a couple days of school and then it was Thanksgiving. We had a nice Yount and then Weaver Thanksgiving, where we got to see almost all members of both families (just minus Rick & Rachel).

Will has hit a breakthrough age, as he and Ella were able to play almost entirely without direction/intervention from any adults. I don't remember them having one serious fight and only one pout-worthy spat. It was wonderful!


We took pictures of the 4 Weaver grandkids together (coordinating clothes and everything!), but they were the grumpiest bunch ever. Out of the 100 or so I took, these are about it for pictures where at leas tone of the older three aren't crying.




Soren was sick the week we went to Boston, and then again the week after Thanksgiving. It was pretty rough. Because Annie had fallen before Thanksgiving and gotten hurt, she wasn't able to keep him the first two days he was sick, so I had to take him to work, and it was just awful--he threw things and tantrumed in the class that he was awake for. Luckily, he did sleep in the Ergo through most of 2 classes. I was thrilled when Annie could keep him the 3rd day. I finally got him into the pediatrician, who tested him for RSV and the flu, but declared it ultimately to be just a virus. He was better the next day, of course!

Somewhere between Soren's two bouts of sickness, Will had a tummy bug and hit the dubious milestone of throwing up for the first time. I had hoped he might be one of those special people who just never threw up, but nope. I woke up around 3 to gagging noises and figured out what was wrong a moment too late--ugh. Not a pretty picture.

Before Soren's awful URI (the last virus he had), he too caught the tummy bug. During all the weeks of sickness, he was super-fussy and clingy (understatement of the century--he'd scream to the point of throwing up if I left the room or if I wouldn't hold him). It was definitely one of those "I understand why people get so frustrated they shake their babies" kind of times. Dark, dark, dark. Then last week, he suddenly had two molars on the top! And, lo and behold, he's happy again! I can now put him down without him screaming, and he has actually waved at me when leaving him at daycare instead of melting down. Apparently the poor little guy was just in pain on top of being sick. I hope I remember this next time he starts acting so unlike his happy little self!

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