Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My (Diastrous) Just Like Dad Robe: A Sort-of Review

The disastrous Jedi robe

Cliff's notes review: READ THE ERRATA!! The extra front piece should be attached to the big front piece before you cut your fabric out! If you do this, it's a great pattern ;-).

TL;DR version:

The Sewing for Boys sewalong pattern for November was the Just Like Dad robe. I was excited about it because Will has been needing a winter robe. I made him the cute Made robe this summer, and he likes to wear it and calls it his "Obi Wan" robe, so I thought a winter robe in brown flannel would be appreciated (if he can pretend bright blue & green spotted robe is a jedi robe, then how much better would solid brown be?). The only problem was this pattern fell in November, which as my last post indicates, was a rather busy/bad/stressful month. It was the last day of November when I purchased fabric and cut out the pieces.

I cut out all my pieces and noticed that the front was much shorter than the back piece. I thought maybe I wasn't understanding how they went together. Nope, I understood correctly......the front was just much shorter. I compared pattern pieces and saw that, indeed the front was much shorter than the back. I decided I must have traced the 2/3 for the front rather than 4/5 as was my intention. Additionally, I had an extra pattern piece and 2 pieces of fabric that were unaccounted for in any of the directions. I decided I must have been really loopy when I traced out the pattern and copied one from a different pattern. So, to match up my front & back, instead of just adding to the front, I whacked off the back. I figured it would be short, but Will's small, so it'd be ok.

After I evened it up, the pattern sewed up pretty well, especially considering I was using minky on the inside, and it's just pure evil to sew with. After I was all finished and posted my sad picture, I read someone's blog post on the robe and discovered that I hadn't cut the wrong size after all, but that the weird extra peice I had was supposed to have been taped to the pattern piece to create the whole front. Apparently, if I had just read the errata, I would have known this. Live and learn! Or, you would think I would have noticed that the robe was the same amount short as the extra piece I had, but.....I did not. It was definitely not my finest sewing moment. 

I didn't get the robe finished on time (I was a day late!), but went ahead and posted my pics just to show that I did it, however awful it might have turned out. Can you believe I actually won the drawing? (I think there were only 3 of us who got ours done "on time"--I guess November was busy for everyone!)

The fit of this robe is pretty big on Will (I sized up, so I expected this)--it hangs pretty far off his shoulders. I didn't realize I should have pinned the belt loops on (according to where his waist is) instead of blindly following the pattern markings. Consequently, they are located down around his butt, and need to be ripped off and sewn back on.  I realize I shortened this by about 10 inches or so, but I think even being normal length, this would be a fairly short robe for being a winter-length, especially on a boy that normally wears a 5 instead of a 3 like Will. If I make this for him again, I will add length to it. Ultimately, this was the most disappointing garment I've made from the book, but I think this is mostly my own fault for not reading carefully beforehand and then trying to sew it when I should have left it alone till I could focus.

I am really excited about the last pattern of the sewalong--the Two-in-One Jacket. I've been wanting to make this one! I need to figure out how to add a hood to it. I'm thankful Stacey is giving us two months on this one, but sad that it's the last month of the sewalong. It's been great motivation to work my way through the book!

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