Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Godzilla": Sew in Tune Challenge

sewintunebuttonwinter200pxWhen I read about the Sew in Tune Series, run by Melly Sews and Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, I wasn't super sure if I would participate. I haven't ever tried an "interpretation" challenge rather than a straight-up sewalong. I felt like I had no good ideas, but now that it's all said and done I'm glad I decided to give it a go, since sewing to a concept turned out to be a lot of fun.

"Godzilla" outfit for Sew in Tune

Inspiration: Will loves Godzilla (he watches the short-lived 1980 cartoon-series Godzilla on Netflix All.The.Time), so I thought I'd use the classic rock, "Godzilla" by Blue Oyster Cult as my inspiration song. I cut out a raglan T (my much-loved Sewing for Boys version) and applied a heat-transfer silhouette of the Tokyo skyline to the front before sewing it up.

Concept: My "vision" (hee, hee--the terminology is a little grandiose for this small project, but still...) was to have Godzilla on a separate piece of clothing to get the whole "There goes Tokyo" aspect of the song. So, I dug out the files for the 2 Little Hooligan's Hooded Vest Tutorial, which I thankfully downloaded when I ran across it last year, as it does not seem to be available anymore.

 "Godzilla" outfit for Sew in Tune challenge
This was the best action pic I could manage of the vest with skyline showing. My model was not feeling cooperative, and it's been too cold for outside pics. 

Construction: For the Tokyo skyline and Godzilla images, I snagged silhouette images off Google and traced them in the Silhouette Design software. When I did this this summer with my Darth Vader image, this process took forever because it included a whole lot of extra "noise" that shouldn't have been traced and had to be deleted manually. After reading another tutorial to refresh my memory on how to trace, I discovered the sensitivity settings, and after playing with them, the software perfectly traced my images with no editing of points by me. It was so easy! Like, less than a minute easy! I may never buy anything from the Silhouette store again! (Does this extreme number of exclamation points convey my excitement level with this discovery?? Probably not--here's another!)

SFB raglan with Tokyo skyline (sillhouette heat transfer)
Raglan T with Tokyo skyline.

Materials: I really had to restrain myself from going out and buying some fabric for this vest, since I wasn't sure the t-shirts I had would work, but I held myself back because I also wanted to be able to use this as an entry in the Love Challenge for the Stashbusting Sewalong (trying to get a two-fer out of this). But aside from being a little bit stretchy, it worked well. I toyed with the idea of lining it with something, but decided that I really wanted this to be a piece Will could wear this spring and even summer if he wants to. Last year, he had a down vest that he got really into and wanted to wear even after it was way too hot.

"Godzilla" outfit--tail wraparound
Here you can see how Godzilla's tail wraps around onto the back of the vest a little. Love this!

So, all of this was made with 3 clearenced-out ladies-sized Tees from  the refashion pile (on the T-shirt I was able to utilize existing hems and sleeve cuffs--score!). The zipper was deeper-stash--I bought it about this time last year, when I first found the Hooded-Vest Tutorial and had planned to make Will a Cars version. The heat transfer material was even on-hand from this summer when I was making the Darth Vader Tee.

A note about the Silhouette: Now that I know the right place to insert my mat, everything has been working great! I cut out Godzilla and the Tokyo skyline with NO PROBLEMS!! I really can't express my relief. It's the first project I've done on the Silhouette that didn't result in extreme frustration. And as suspected, it's been user error all along. Sigh....

Bonus pic of poor Soren's major goose-egg from earlier in the week. Poor baby was climbing on the chair and fell into the table creating a gash/abrasion and then landed on his forehead on the tile floor. Ouch. It swelled up so fast and huge--pretty scary!

Soren's goose egg
Picture does not do it justice--it looked terrible!

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  1. This is one of my favorite things in the Flickr pool; thanks for sharing!