Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oliver + S Art Smocks: A Review

Oliver + S Art Smock

I got the Oliver + S Little Things for Little People book last Christmas, had a great time looking through it, and then made nothing from it till the following December. Since Ella and Aubrey had an art-themed Christmas going, we contributed a nice art smock for each of them, using the pattern int LTLP.

I checked out reviews online, and they were all favorable (I don't think I've ever read anything negative about ANY Oliver + S pattern, come to think of it....). I thought it was strange how long people reported these taking, given that it seemed such a simple pattern. I assumed I would be faster (ha, ha--you would think I'd have learned not to tempt fate that way).

Anyway, true to all the reviews, these went together so nicely, the instructions were flawless and complete enough, and the product looks great and very professional. And just like everyone else, I was surprised how long they took to make. Yes, I was making two of them, but I really didn't expect that it would take so long. It took me probably a good, solid 4-6 hours (maybe more--my sewing time was rather interrupted as per usual). It would have gone together faster without all the nice finishing touches, of course, but that's what make this pattern so nice!

Oliver + S Art Smock

I didn't get to see Ella's on her, but Aubrey was happy to put hers on and let me shoot some pics. That girl is such a ham for the camera (and an adorable ham!). The size small was just perfect on her. Hopefully the large fits Ella. I love the complete coverage that these provide, and that the neck and sleeves are both elasticized. Floppy sleeves are no good for painting, and this will definitely keep the clothes underneath clean unless it just gets soaked. If it was made in laminated fabric, it would be bulletproof!

So add me to the list of people highly recommending this pattern!

Oliver + S Art Smock

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