Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scrap Bustin' and Sickness

babydress2 013

I read about Cation Design's Stashbusting Sewalong and want to participate since my SFB sewalong, which I have really enjoyed, is ending. It also seems like a great one since it's about using up your stash, and mine is full and growing all the time! I didn't officially pledge how much I was going to use up, but I am planning to follow along as best I can (ha, ha--how's that for the wishy-washiest pledge ever?). The theme for January (link party here), is Itty Bits.  I have tons of fabric that would fit that bill, so that seemed like a great challenge. When I surveyed my fabric, one piece stood out: the remnant from the ruffle fabric I used to make a scarf for Alisha last Christmas. It was too big to throw away, but it had long ago stumped me on how to use it for anything, since I just had maybe 1/4 yard; plus, there's also that issue that most of my sewing is for the boys, and really, I can't think of any way to incorporate white ruffle fabric into anything for them. Maybe a puffy pirate shirt a la Seinfeld?

Anyway, one of my old college friends is having a little girl, and I realized that I probably had enough fabric to get a newborn-sized dress out of the fabric. I used the Infant Peasant Dress Pattern & Tutorial from Sew Much Ado (completely coincidentally, I was also looking at Sew Much Ado's tip for hemming jeans to utilize the original hem this week, though I haven't used it yet. Hmm, maybe I need to add her to the RSS feeder?). Here's how it turned out.

babydress2 012

I had some trouble with the ruffle that was over the casing. I think I should have moved the pattern up and started it at the top of a ruffle rather than at the top of the non-ruffled line. Because the ruffle was pulled over the top of the casing, it was wanting to flip up once the elastic was inserted. So I had to tack it down. It looks.....well, not good, if you are looking at the tacks up close, though I'm not sure you would notice them at all if you weren't examining it. I'm hoping on a moving target of cute baby, no one will be looking that closely.

casing v. ruffle issues

It needed something to break up the great white expanse, so I added a bias-tape flower (from my now quite ginormous stash of thrifted bias-tape--I just can't seem to pass it up whenever I find any for 10 cents...what can I say?). I also ended up cutting two layers of ruffles off the dress and one row off the sleeves. I was envisioning something kind of tunic length, and it was looking a little more dedication-style when it was long and unembellished.

Since I STILL had more of the fabric left, I made a bonus diaper cover using the pattern and tutorial from Dana at Made. The diaper cover gave me fits and took WAY longer than it should have. I accidentally cut the pattern out with the ruffle fabric upside down, so then it took me even longer to sew it down because I had to make sure each of the ruffles were flipped upside down. This ruffle fabric is so fiddly to work with--I will be very glad when it's gone (and yes, there is STILL some--it's the scrap that won't die!). I think I'll have to use up the rest as an embellisnment on a shirt for me or something.

My friend is also going to be cloth diapering, and I had given her an IOU for 12 cloth wipes (they were registered for some, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy something that I had the supplies for and was so easy to make), and I had quite a bit of flannel scrap left over from other baby shower gifts, so I whipped up some flannel wipes. Some are serged, and then some I decided to turn & topstitch. Hopefully she's not anal about having all exactly the same size and shape!

wipes: scrap busting

After I took this picture, I also made 7 more out of leftover dachshund flannel from Will's Goodnight Sweetheart PJs. I had my whole extra left leg of that. I was glad to get some use out of that screw up!

And, if I was going to fit in another challenge/sewalong this month (in addition to the somewhat more in-depth 2-in-1-Jacket), a small and easy one was the way to go. Soren has been coughing around since last week, and I kept waiting for him to develop full-blown flu symptoms since Will was diagnosed with Flu Type A last Monday, but Soren never developed a fever. He just had a terrible cough and was getting hardly any sleep at night or naptime. I finally took him in Wednesday, fully expecting the doctor to just say, "congratulations, he has a cough" since he wasn't running a real fever, but it turns out he has RSV with bronchiolitis and an ear infection. Poor little guy! RSV is highly infectious, and so I wasn't surprised when Will started hacking up a lung on Wed. as well. They both had to stay home from daycare, so I've just went in only for my classes on Thurs/Fri. Thankfully Annie was able to come and keep them. We are so lucky that she is close enough and willing and able to help out when they are sick! Hopefully they will be feeling better soon, as being cooped up in the house has been pretty miserable for all of us. Pretty sure I'm coming down with it too, but for adults it's just a cold, so I'm not feeling as bad as the boys.

Bonus sick kid pics:

babydress2 015
The littlest ninja and his light saber.

babydress2 007

babydress2 002
Looking a little happier today.

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