Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shirts for Will: Love Challenge Items

Poor Will only has about 5 long-sleeved shirts for some reason (apparently my buying-ahead at garage sales ended with summer-suitable 3Ts). Although Bil informed me we could afford to, you know, buy him clothes, I haven't done it because I know I can make cuter shirts out of t-shirts I already have on hand waiting to be refashioned. Too bad I don't have the time to get them done!

SFB Raglan with reverse applique dinosaur

Anyway, I did make him this brown and teal one at Christmas (I think to wear under his owl blazer), and he only wore it twice before he stained it with something. ARGH!!! No matter, I thought, I'll just cover it with something. He saw Cation Design's Sewasaurus and said he'd like that on a shirt, so I thought I'd get a tyrannosaurus shape and use the Silhouette to cut some heat transfer vinyl. Well, as usual whenever I go to actually use the Silhouette, I had nothing but trouble. First my heat-transfer vinyl slipped (after talking to Silhouette's customer service, I think I figured out why and got it straightened out), messing up my vinyl. I had just enough to recut, with just a little bit of my dino's foot being cut into, so after talking to CS, I finally got it cut out and weeded, then went to adhere it to my shirt, and very carefully ironed it to the shirt for a LOOOONG time. I was so proud of myself for being so careful. Then I went to peel it off and realized I did not remove the backing paper before I ironed it on. ARGHGHG!!111!1 So, not only was that cut-out ruined, but I couldn't even get it all picked off of the shirt. So, the back-up back-up plan was put into effect--reverse applique to save the day!

Dino detail
(That's just water all around the outside of the applique, not stain)

There's nothing interesting about this, except that I traced it onto the front of the shirt since I needed to be sure my dino covered as much of the stains as possible; most of the directions I've read suggest doing it from the back. I think it turned out pretty cute, though a lot of headache for one little shirt!

I want to love my Silhouette, but I just have such a terrible time every time I try to use it. I think I have a mental block.

Color-blocked SFB raglan with 

A couple of weeks ago, during one of the RSV weekends, I made this red shirt for Will. I wanted to play with colorblocking a bit, and I even took myself to make new patterns for the SFB raglan T, dividing it into hirds horizontally and vertically. While I was making it, Will decided it needed a pocket, so I created a little kangaroo pocket. It's two layers, and I had intended the red layer to be the outside, but I was using a decorative stitch with black thread and something went wrong, so it ended up looking terrible. So, rather than chucking it all, I just went with the black side facing out. I got all fancy and actually hemmed the thing and even broke out the twin needle. Unfortunately the top row of stitching around the neck busted almost immediately. I think that happened last time I used the twin needle. I'll have to do some googling and see if I can figure out what's causing that. It's really annoying!

I have plans for some more Will clothes (involving more Silhouette work--what am I thinking??) that will hopefully happen soon, but in case I don't get to those, these shirts should count toward the Stashbusting February Challenge of creating stash-made items. Both were made from shirts I had in the refashion pile, and the dino applique was made with the scraps left over from the shirt that was made back in Dec.


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    1. Thank you--I LOVE your pattern, Karen (in case you can't tell)! I think I've made about 15 versions of it.

  2. They are wonderful! Be sure to enter them in our Challenge when it goes up!

  3. When you're sewing with the twin needle, are you stretching the fabric enough as you sew? I have had a few hems having broken stitches, even with a bit of stretching as I sew. I'm thinking that I make a habit of stretching the shirts further than the bobbin thread can take.

    Cute dinosaur, love it!

    1. I don't think I knew you were supposed to stretch when twin needling. I will try that. Hopefully it will fix it! It's frustrating to take the time to "do it right" and have it come out looking worse than just doing a regular topstitch.