Friday, February 8, 2013

The Butchering

A sad, sad day arrived last week, during the long, lost week of sickness. While I was in the sewing room, Will was in there pestering me and going through every drawer in the desk as usual and started playing with scissors. He asked if he could cut some papers, and since that is preferrable to having him perching on my neck, I said to go for it. He chopped away, and I sewed, and then I realized I was no longer hearing the "snick, snick, snick" of the paper cutting. I had an inkling and yelled, "Will, what are you DOING?" And he answered cheerily from underneath the desk, "I'm cutting my hair!" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

He cut off quite a bit from one side (the other side was untouched). We had to wait till Thursday to get it fixed (he and Soren didn't go back to daycare till Wed--almost out for a full week!), and the girl had to cut it all off. I think she said it's about a half inch. I am so sad. He looks so much older. And his hair had just attained maximal cuteness after the very bad bangs of last July had finally got grown out. It must have been because I had just commented to Bil like, the day before he did it that he really did look like a little boy model. Sigh.......

Bad hair, Good hair, VERY bad hair, No hair

We have discovered though that without his hair, he actually looks a lot more Yount-ly than we'd previously thought. He looks a lot like Uncle Tony now!

Although he felt a little trepidation about getting it cut, he did a great job of sitting still (ice cream is a great bribe), and it was funny to watch him notice how different he looked whenever he'd catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Before bed, he was looking at it and said, "Mom, my new hair looks like Annekin from the new Star Wars!" So, win, I guess?

An amusing tidbit: Will has taken to saying, "Save your friends! Eat zombie carrots!" Bil googled the phrase, and it's from a short called Night of the Living Carrots. Apparently we should be more closely monitoring his Netflix watching.

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