Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Easter!

We had a very nice, loooong Easter weekend. The boys and I went down Thursday night, so Granny could keep the boys and I could run get my haircut on Friday. The weather was glorious on Friday, and the boys had great fun playing in the yard, chasing butterflies. However, we had a huge little scare when the boys got left outside on their own for just a minute and Soren wandered off. We spent 20-30 minutes looking for him, with me running all over the property. I kept expecting that he was going to turn up right around the house, and when we couldn't find him anywhere, I was so afraid the worst might have happened and he had wandered to the pond. Finally, just as I was about to head back and call the police, I realized we hadn't looked out by the garden, and that's where I found him, happily playing in the dirt, completely unfazed. Needless to say, I was quite relieved to find him and will definitely not be leaving him untended outside anymore! Unlike Will, Soren doesn't mind being alone, so he'll merrily go off by himself. Eek!

Friday night, Jimmie, Rachel, and the girls came down, and we had a crawfish boil. Papa supposedly fixed them some "unspicy" crawfish and corn, but you sure couldn't tell he'd gone "light" on the spice, and we had to rinse their food several times before they could eat it. I'm not sure either of my boys ate the Cajun food, but the girls did!

Granny & Papa's church had a big Easter celebration on Saturday, and the kids had a great time on the bounce equipment and the egg hunt. The adults had fun too, as several of the adult children of family friends brought their kids down, so we had a kind of impromptu reunion.

The kids were worn out from the festivities; Soren crashed and slept for almost 3 full hours, so he was being quite the little show off when he woke up feeling fine and rested! I had to threaten Will to email the Easter Bunny if he didn't stop talking and be still when I was trying to get him to sleep. It worked, mostly. We also discovered that Taulbee apparently considers my kids her "wards." Soren was trying to pet Krebs, who lunged at him, and Taulbee went after Krebs. She was definitely taking up for Soren!

For Easter, Will got a Darth Mal figurine (Bil thought that maybe that was a bit sacriligeous, but Will loved it!) and Soren got some sidewalk chalk, which he promptly ate. He also ate through the wrapper of a Cadbury egg. Oops!

Before church, we attempted some nice family pics, but Will was not feeling cooperative. Too bad!

We had a nice lunch with the family, and then headed back home. A very fine Easter.

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