Monday, April 1, 2013

Huck Finn Cap: A Review

So dapper!

I decided the boys' Easter outfits would be a bit dull with just bottoms and some kind of shirts, so I thought I'd "whip up" a couple of the Huck Finn Caps (pattern by Sew Liberated). I bought the pattern back at her Cyber Monday sale and thought it was about time I got to using it. I looked for reviews of the pattern but didn't turn up much except a couple of very adorable examples of the completed caps. Both the (very brief) posts on them just said they were pretty quick to complete, so I thought it would be a good project.

I cut out all my pieces and sewed them up on a Sunday afternoon during the Walking Dead marathon we had while Will was in Georgia. Cutting was quick since the pieces were small and there weren't too many. Sewing these suckers was tedious though, since I had to do everything 4 times (I was making two, and they are lined). I always forget how boring assembly line sewing is until I do it again!

So dapper!

The instructions were clear and the pattern fit together very well. The only bit I didn't really get (and basically ignored) were the instructions about the arrows overlapping as you are attaching the sides to the top of the hat. I just fiddled with it till I figured out how it was supposed to go together. (Confession--I didn't transfer the markings from the pattern at all--I thought they were grainline markings! Oops.)

One problem I did have was with my bill edges fraying very badly by the time I got to the point of actually inserting it, so on the second cap, I made sure to go surge my bill edges immediately before it could start raveling. This probably wouldn't have been as much of an issue in another fabric, but the seersucker I was using ravels like crazy. I also did not use two layers of bill insert material, and I think it's just fine without the extra layer.

I also wasn't quite sure why the sweatband isn't tacked down on the inside at all. I'm not sure if I did something wrong or what, but mine flips out/open quite badly where the bill is inserted, so I plan to tack it down by hand to the lining to keep it flat, at least at the front. I think the back will be fine without.

Although as I said, these caps seemed very fiddly while I was sewing them up, overall, they were a fairly quick project (I'd guess maybe 3-4 hours for the first and a bit less for the second?), and they look just adorable. I'm very pleased with my final product, and I give this pattern an enthusiastic two-thumbs up!

I can do it myself!

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