Thursday, March 20, 2014

Peacock Lady Skater

Lady Skater in peacock feathers

I sewed for me again! The Lady Skater again (third time). I am almost certain I've seen more than one LS in this exact fabric (from Girl Charlee). I'm totally unoriginal, but I don't care, because it is PERFECT for this pattern.

This is, I think the size 5 (?) the fifth line out. I don't get the sizing on this one. It's straight out of the box, no changes. 

Lady Skater in peacock feathers

Lady Skater in peacock feathers

I need to go back and read the pattern, but I think it's supposed to hit at the natural waist, and I'm thinking I may need to shorten my bodice a bit because as you can tell in this pic, the waist seam is a good 2" below my natural waist.

Lady Skater in peacock feathers

Will invaded my photo session.

Self-portrait at almost-5

He wanted to do the remote, of course.
I love Soren creeping into the pic in this one. 

 Grumpy Brothers

Spring Break Not-Fun

Soren also wanted to do the remote, but there were several meltdowns along the way, and he didn't ever manage to do it. Here's one his brother took. I LOVE his expression here.

Last one!

Lady Skater in peacock feathers

I have the boys' Easter shirts almost finished (they just need buttons), and then I just have to get their skinny jeans done, and I'll have Easter for them done. I ordered loads more of the fabric for their pants than I needed (I have no idea what I was thinking), so I need to find something to make me with it so I can MATCH them some more!


  1. LOVE that fabric!! The pics of the kids are super cute. Made me giggle.

  2. I agree, you probably could raise the waist a bit with this one! Fabric choice does make a difference though, so for some I raise the waist and for some I don't need to :) So pretty on you.