Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Outfits

Easter 2014

I wanted to channel the Harrison look from the last season of Dexter for the boys' Easter outfits this year--plaid shirts and colored skinny jeans.

His Toddlers & Tiaras look. LOL

I used the Ethan Shirt by Scientific Seamstress and Peek-a-boo Patterns' Skinny Jeans, both of which were part of the big bundle of patterns that I bought back in the fall. I've made my own version of the skinny jeans a few times now, but this was my first time to use the shirt pattern. This was also my  first time to make a regular style men's shirt (I did make the Sewing for Boys camp shirt, but it went together pretty differently), and it is SOOOOO boring. So many fiddly little parts. It probably wouldn't have been too awful except that I was assembly-lining them, and I just get so bored doing the same thing over and over.

The pattern went together really well--everything matched up perfectly, and I felt the directions were very good. Looking at the shirts, the only thing I'd like to do differently next time is move the two little pleats on the sides to one in the middle. It just looked kind of strange to me.

I sewed the size 4 for Will and the 2 for Soren (for reference, Will is a tiny 5 and Soren is a tall 2.5). I straightened the hem as I knew they'd never keep these tucked in, and I whacked off probably 4 inches from Will's and two inches from Soren's. I wish I had made Soren's longer. He is SUPER long-waisted, and I don't know when I'm ever going to remember that means I need to give him more length. Apparently never.  Soren's is a perfect fit as far as width goes and if he grows out too much, it will be too small. Will's, however, is too big. I haven't tried Soren's shirt on him, but I suspect I should have used the 2T pattern and just lengthened it, and it would have been perfect for Will.


The skinny jeans are a size 4T for both of them, with extra length added on Will's and length taken off of Soren's. I got the elastic too loose in both of them and need to rip it open and tighten it up. Ugh.

I was proud of myself on the pants. I rully, rully took my time making them and even used topstitching thread in a contrast color. I'm not sure it was worth it. It was a major pain to keep switching out my needle each time.

Plaid pocket linings.

I finished the jeans and the shirts (minus the buttons/holes) over Spring Break, where they lay until Friday before Easter. I had printed out Petit a Petit's free colorblocked-tie pattern way back in March, and I decided Friday afternoon I wanted to do it, but couldn't decide on a fabric. I wanted to do natural-colored linen and something coral, but after digging around through the top few layers of my million stash bags in the garage (most of my fabric is still bagged/boxed from the fire and multiple moves), I couldn't find the color I was looking for. But, I did find a dark pink and white herringbone men's dress shirt that I'd picked up for $.20. I also dug up another $.20 garment--a homemade linen skirt, so I cut out the tie. It wasn't a challenging project, but it definitely took longer than I was planning, and I didn't read carefully to realize I would have to hand sew the ties together. Ugh!

Anyway, thanks to the heavier fabrics and the interfacing I used (maybe I shouldn't have used any, I'm thinking?), they are really stiff, but they are cute enough and did their job on Easter. I couldn't believe the boys actually left them on all the way through church!

I didn't have time to sew anything up for myself that was fancy-ish, so I just wore my Colette Chantilly that I made for last Easter.

Also, sadly for my budget, storage space, and the planet, none of this was stashbusted except the ties (better something than nothing, though, right?). Also, I horrendously miscalculated the amount of green fabric I needed, so it looks like I'll be making myself something. Perhaps a green pencil skirt? 

Happy Easter!