Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hawthorn in Subtle Stripes

Pardon the crazy faces--Will was just out of frame and grumping at me because I told him to get out of the way asked him sweetly to let me take pictures alone.

This week I completed my second Colette Hawthorn. I liked my muslin, made from a sheet, so much that I decided to pretend it was a wearable muslin, and I was excited to make this dress again once the weather started warming up.

I made a straight 10,  though I did taper to only a 3/8" seam allowance at the waist. I love, Love, LOVE this pattern. I feel like it's so flattering to my figure. I feel it has very simple sophistication and quiet drama, if there can be such a thing. :-) I really think the fit on this is pretty close to perfect. The waist is right, I don't have wrinkles across the bust, the armholes don't cut or bulge open, and I think the back is pretty good when I'm not leaning funny. I usually need a swayback adjustment, but this just fits perfectly all on it's own. I feel like it was drafted just for me, and it really makes me want to try out the other Colette dress patterns that are gathering dust in my cabinet....

I tried to be good and create a nice inside on this one, taking the time to bind the waist seam in bias tape. As usual, I constructed the dress over the course of a few days, snatching a couple hours here and there and usually with kids interrupting or "helping" me. That's my excuse for why after I thought the dress was finished, I noticed I had forgotten to finish the seams where I attached the skirt fronts to the back skirt. Oops. Gotta fix that--this cotton is ravelly. I also accidentally made one more buttonhole than I had buttons. Oops again. At the moment, it's just empty at the bottom of the dress, unnoticed I hope. I was pondering doing some sort of focal button at the top or something, but I'm not really sure what would be the best course. Luckily I'm not a perfectionist, so having the blank at the bottom actually doesn't bother me much.

I was also really proud that this dress is almost 100% stashbusted and thrifted. The only thing I bought new for it was the buttons, which I got for 75% off, so my total cost was maybe $5 or so. Well, unless you count the pattern, which I have two wearable garments from.

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the fabric is a nice white/pale blue stripe. I thought it was a bit nautical and liked the blue buttons with it and love it with the red belt.

Bonus picture with sulking Will

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