Saturday, August 9, 2014

More Girl's Sewing

I still had a little scrap of the Girl Charlee bird-print fabric left, as well as my tee scraps, so I was able to eke out a baby shirt for another friend. I stuck with the Anytime at All Tee, this time in size 6 mo. I flared out the sides slightly and just guessed at where to stop for the hem (since the baby sizes are for onesies rather than shirts), trying to make it slightly more tunic-like. I also went for 3/4 length sleeves. All of those changes were total guesses since I don't have access to the baby in question to check it, so hopefully it fits!

Anytime at All Tee, 6 mo

Since I'm going to be sending it through the mail quite a distance, I thought it would be silly to just mail a tiny t-shirt. I decided this would be a great opportunity to stitch up a baby dress I had been envisioning for a while. Using Anna Maria Horner's free pattern, the Piece-a-Cake Dress, I divided it up into 3 tiers (just eyeballing to get gradually bigger on the way down), cut out my separate tiers, and stitched them together, making my overall front and back pieces.

 Piece-a-Cake Dress

Things were going well till I was sewing the front and back together and realized I had somehow cut one of my bottom tiers about 1/2" longer than the other. Yikes! I still have no idea how it happened. Because I was using the existing decorative hem from one of the shirts, I couldn't just fix it in the hemming, which is my usual answer to that problem (yes, it happens to me with some frequency. Precise I am not). After fiddling with it for a few minutes, I finally decided to just create a small tuck right above the decorative hem and stitch it down. You can totally see it from the inside, of course, but it really isn't noticeable if you're just looking at the outside. I made that the backside, obviously. LOL

Piece-a-Cake Dress

I was going to do the rolled hem on the sleeves called for in the pattern, but after fighting with my rolled hem foot for several minutes, I decided it would save time to just rethread the serger and use it to do a rolled hem. It's a little bit stiffer than I'd like, but it works.

Piece-a-Cake Dress, original hem
The hem--you can see why I wanted to preserve it!

I have to say I don't think the pics do this one justice. It's very cute in person, and the light linen makes it feel so nice and summery. It really is exactly what I was envisioning! It's so nice when that happens.

I think the total cost on this one less than $1 since the thrifted linen shirts were all from the 20-cent rack and the bias tape (used in the neckline) was thrifted as well (25 cents--still marked on the bag!).

Bonus picture of Soren giving me one of his famous looks.
Toddler princeface

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