Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hiatus: I've been knitting!

In October, I decided I was finally going to conquer knitting. I had made several attempts before over the years, but it just never took. I decided rather than working on something that I didn't really need or care about (dishcloth, scarf), I just needed to jump in and take on a garment. So an internet friend walked me through choosing a pattern (Wonderful Wallaby Sweater) and what needles and yarn to buy, and then I made it! It actually was much easier for me than knitting a scarf since it was almost all stockinette in the round. I finished it at Thanksgiving, and then made a second one for Will in time for Christmas, then made another one for Soren, and I've been in a knitting frenzy since then.

It's such a nice, portable little hobby, unlike sewing! However, I think it's definitely cut into my sewing mojo, as I have spent all my mental energy on knitting, reading about knitting, and planning future projects.

Diagonal lace socks

Torrent socks


Braiding Sweetgrass socks in KP Hawthorne kettle-dyed

These are all from May and June!

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