Monday, July 13, 2015

Reglisse dress, take 2.

Reglisse Dress

I wanted something quick and cute to dip my toes back into the sewing water, so I decided to make another D&D Reglisse dress with some cute fabric I had either thrifted or gotten from a garage sale sometime last year. I thought it was really cute with streaks of several different colors through a light gray.

Reglisse dress
Close-up to show fabric

I had hoped to self-line the skirt since the fabric is quite sheer, and I had a lot of the fabric, but it turned out to be about 1.5" too short to cut the skirt peices on the fold (as called for), so then I didn't have nearly as much large space as I had intended. That's also why I have a seam down the front and back of the skirt.

I guess it's ok I couldn't line it since a floaty circle-skirt isn't safe to wear in Oklahoma.

Reglisse Dress
Great flare!

I should have remembered to go back and check my notes from the first time I made this. It's soooo short waisted! After I finished it, my mom pointed out that the darts were completely on top of my boobs. Oops. Maybe next time I'll fix it? (Who am I kidding, probably not.) Also, in the picture below, it looks like my bra is showing, but it's the SA flipping up in the armpit. It's pretty thick, and I did give it a thorough pressing, so I think I may have to tack it down.

Reglisse Dress
Those darts--hahahahaha!

My stash of bias tape really suffered in the fire, and I haven't yet built it back up to its former proportions. So, I didn't have any tape that would be enough to do the hem and the neckline. I finally realized no one would see the neckline, so I could use what I wanted.

I ended up using an electric blue for that and a yellow for the hemline. They were perfect matches to the colors shot through the fabric.

Reglisse dress

Reglisse Dress
Yellow surprise!
Reglisse Dress

The boys had to photobomb of course

Reglisse Dress
Incidentally, Will is wearing mama-made shark pajamas from Christmas.

Reglisse Dress
And Soren is wearing mama-made shorts from last summer. 


  1. It's looks sweet on you ... would you link to the pattern?

    1. Hi Heather, it's the Deer & Doe Reglisse.